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How To Sell Your US Dollars On EcoCash’s Mobile Phone Bureau de Change

  •  Go to an Econet shop
  • Deposit your US Dollars into your EcoCash FCA Wallet.
  • Sell your US Dollars whenever you want by dialling *150#
  • Choose option 1 (Bureau De Change)
  • And choose option 2 (Sell USD). Before you choose this option 2 (Sell USD) you may choose option 1 (Exchange rate) to check the exchange rate offered by EcoCash at that point in time.
  • Enter the amount of US Dollars you want to convert into Zim Dollars
  • Choose option 1(RTGS)
  • If you see whats shown in the picture below, Enter 1
  • If you see what’s shown in the picture below, Wait to enter your EcoCash pin
  • After you enter you pin, your converted Zim dollars will be sent into your normal EcoCash wallet. 

Source: TechZim

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